Factors Influencing Drug Addiction Essay

Factors Influencing Drug Addiction Essay

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Drug addiction is influenced by many factors. Not only does the brain change when taking constant doses of a certain drug, but life as you know it changes to. Drugs are misleading they cause you to think that your life is becoming better, when it actually is becoming much worse. “Fooling” is what drugs do best; they fool the brains receptors by sending abnormal messages to the brain. After all, what good really comes from drugs? When someone starts taking it they just simply can’t stop, even if they wanted to. However, if they actually do stop there are many side effects to this, “persistent vulnerability to relapse long after drug taking has ceased”. They lose total control over their brain and bodies. How lamentable is it watching someone’s life shatter in to pieces right in front of your eyes, and there’s nothing you can do about it. How sad is it knowing they had a reason for living before this all began, that they wanted to actually achieve something before they leave this world. All the drug dosage did was completely destroy them. Hence, drug addiction leads to greed, treachery, murder; dreams fall to pieces and life is nothing but a living hell.
Drug addiction is a brain disease. Normal people would reach homeostasis every time they eat, drink, have caffeine, etc... Homeostasis is when the body levels go back to normal. In a drug abuser, this unfortunately does not happen, as the brain damage does not allow that. Basically when the brain gets damaged it reaches an allostatic state, which means that the brain fails to reach the adequate homeostatic range. When that happens, a small dosage of drugs would not be enough, and the brain cannot break that amount of drug down, but instead keeps it in its system. This causes the “...

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...diction, like gender, ethnicity, and other mental disorders. For example, a person born with a mental disorder might find it a normal thing to consume drugs on a daily basis. The environment also has a major effect on this, because depending on your friends and the society it will influence your way of life and whether or not drug consuming is “cool” or not.
Finally, drug addiction is perhaps another meaning for Requiem of a dream. Destroying your dreams to pieces, just because of a drug you cannot resist. In the end, is it really worth it? All that pain, the failure, giving up on everything was it really worth it? Life is about falling and getting up. However, it is your choice whether you want to die knowing you made a change in this world or die knowing you failed. Hence drug addiction is nothing but procrastination leading to a miserable and abominable life.

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