Factors Contributing to the Collapse of the Confederacy Essay

Factors Contributing to the Collapse of the Confederacy Essay

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The Civil War was one of the events that changed the course of American history forever. It tore the nation apart causing Americans to fight against each other, pitting brothers and friends alike against one another. The war was the bloodiest every to happen in American history. There are many possible reasons on why the Confederacy lost the Civil War to the Union. There were the differences of the economies between the North and the South, the Union’s blockade of Confederate ports, their military man power and leadership, and the government and its leadership.
During the war the North and the South seemed to be polar opposites based on their economies. The North was more urban oriented and “took advantage of the Industrial Revolution” (Stoddard and Murphy 2). The South was more rural oriented and its “economy remained based on agriculture” (Stoddard and Murphy 2). They seemed to be generations behind and inferior to the North in making any manufactured goods. The South did not have the ability to keep up with the North in producing manufactured goods. The North had approximately nine times more of industrial capacity than the South. There was little ability for the South to make ammunition and guns for the troops, they did not possess the necessary raw materials or factories to produce them. They did the best that they could do to keep up, but overall the South was “simply out-manufactured” (Stoddard and Murphy 211). Factories in the North would work almost around the clock to produce the required cannons and ammunition for the Union army. The North also had more railroads to assist in transporting troops and supplies to their cavalry. There were not many railroads for the South to use to help in transporting the goods that the...

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...ifficult thing to happen to a young nation. It
brought into perspective the differences in the country at the time. These differences between the Union and Confederacy decided the outcome of the war. The difference in the economies between the North and the South, the Union’s blockade of Confederate ports, their military, and the government were too much for the South to handle. With all of these difficulties, it is surprising the Confederacy held off the Union as long as they did.

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