Essay about Factors Affecting The Rates Of California High School 's Success

Essay about Factors Affecting The Rates Of California High School 's Success

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The objective of this investigation is to discern the factors affecting the rates of California high school’s success as rated by their API Score or Academic Success Index. This score access the school’s performance and improvements based on student scores in the annual STAR exam. Though attendance and graduation rates are taken into account. API scores range from a low of 200 to a high of 1000 and are tied to monetary and incentive awards for the Annual Percent Growth Targets set per a school each year. This data was collected in 1999 for the 806 schools of California.

The original, untransformed scatterplot, for the API Score versus the percent of the parents who continued on to graduate school shows a clear curvature in the dataset. This is clearly seen in the residual plot which exposes that the data cannot be accurately predicted by LSRL Line. Although there are no outliers there is a relatively small correlation of 64.



Original: Average API Score of a Certain School Versus Precent of the parents who did not complete High School:
Average API Score

Percent of Parents who did not graduate High School

Percent of Parents who did not graduate High School

This Scatterplot and data set of the Average API Score of a Certain School Versus Precent of the parents who did not complete High School is too curved to be analyzed with a linear prediction. This distinct curve can be seen in the residual plot. And LSRL line would be very inaccurate.

Manipulated: Inverse Average API Score of a Certain School Versus Precent of the parents who did not complete High School:
1/Average API Score

Percent of Parents who did not graduate High School

Percent of Parents ...

... middle of paper ...

... versus the percent of a schools parents who continued on to graduate school we found that Whittier School where 5% of the parents continued on had a predicted API Score of 558 points. However, in other schools where 5% of the parents continued on to graduate school the API Scores varied greatly above and below the LSRL prediction.
However when considering the manipulated data set for the original Average API Score versus the percent of the parents who did not complete High School we found that the Whittier would have a Score around 548.3. However, in other schools where 27% of the parents failed to graduate High School the API Scores varied greatly above and below the LSRL prediction.
 When considering theses predicted Average API Scores there could be certain lurking variables effecting the data for all of Californian or the Whittier School specifically.

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