Factors Affecting The Job Satisfaction Of Nurses Essays

Factors Affecting The Job Satisfaction Of Nurses Essays

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In the face of the nursing shortage, hospitals have been creative in coming up with strategies to attract nurses into the organization. Most of the incentives involve financial remuneration, e.g., “sign-on bonuses of several thousand dollars, assistance with moving expenses, and housing incentives” (Learning House, 2007, p. 2), to mention a few. Although these recruitment initiatives would entice nurses into the organization, it would not guarantee the retention of the said nurses after they come on board (Learning House, 2007). In contrast, studies have shown that on top of making more money, “the work environment is one of the most important factors influencing the job satisfaction of nurses. A nurse who feels uncomfortable going to work will eventually not go, seeking another position or other career” (Learning House, 2007, p. 5).

The context of a suitable work environment should be viewed first and foremost as a composition of people working together in the same setting and atmosphere. However, as cited in Learning House (2007), “conflict is often a component of the work environment” (p. 5). Correspondingly, “one area that drives potential conflict relates to the wide diversity of nurses in the workforce. Nurses vary in age, culture, and gender, inherently creating a diversity of perspectives” (Learning House, 2007, p. 6). Thus, “conflict is part of organizational life…and is considered to be a “natural process between people and, as such, is an inevitable aspect of a manager’s job” (Chan, Huang, & Ng, 2008, p. 277).
“While conflict is inevitable, frequent conflict is detrimental to the quality of nurses work environments” (Almost, Doran, McGillis-Hall, & Laschinger, 2010, p. 982). Therefore, as cited in Learning Hou...

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...promising is a “bargaining process that often results in a less-than-ideal solution as concessions are made (one party may be willing to give up something on this issue to gain leverage for another). Still, this tactic may be useful in arriving at a temporary settlement on a complex issue, or a quick fix when time is of the essence” (2011). However, on the downside, “parties may lose sight of long-term goals or become cynical as concessions are made to keep people happy without resolving the original conflict. A frequent compromiser may be seen as having no firm values” (American Sentinel University, 2011). Therefore, compromising should only be resorted to when I realize that “everybody cannot always be satisfied and there is a need to set aside personal wants and needs in preference for others in order to resolve a conflict situation” (Cavanagh, 1988, p. 120).

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