Essay Factors Affecting the Beep Test

Essay Factors Affecting the Beep Test

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In this report, I will be writing about the data that was collected from the beep test, which tests the aerobic endurance of the participants who are performing the test. With the results collected I will be discussing the different factors that may have impacted on the participant’s results. Robinson (2010) states that there are different systems in the body such as the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, and respiratory. Despite the fact all these systems are separate, they are all linked together to help the functioning of the body when at rest and during exercise. When the body begins to participate in exercise, during physical activity changes start to occur in the cardiovascular system starts so that it can adapt to the physical activity, this links into Kenney et al, (2012) where they indicate that cardiovascular changes occur when the body starts to move during exercise, and that the main reason for this is so that the blood flow increases to the working muscles. Furthermore, there are other adjustments in the cardiovascular system, where the ‘blood flow patterns change significantly in the change from rest to exercise. Through the vasoconstrictor action of the sympathetic nervous system on local arterioles, blood flow is redirected away from areas where elevated flow is not essential to those areas that are active during exercise, only 15% to 20% of the resting cardiac output goes to muscle, but during high-intensity exercise, the muscles may receive 80% to 85% of the cardiac output.’ (Kenney et al, 2012:190)
I will also be writing how nutrition would be a key part for the participants performing the beep test as it affects the energy systems that are needed to work correctly. The energy system is what allows the participa...

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...s is relevant and beneficial, as it helps create an appropriate fitness programme and to do this the coach would need to be able to ‘have a sound knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and understand how the body works’ (Robinson, 2010:103). This would help the coach know what certain parts of the body to train correctly without causing injury to their athletes.
Furthermore, depending on the level of the sport the coach should perform a fitness test during preseason, then midseason and one last test at the end of the season. By doing this the coach would be able to track the fitness level which then allow them to work on the need of what the athlete may need improving in. Wilkinson & Moore (1995) indicate that today’s modern coach should be capable of administering, recording and analysing fitness tests results to feedback to the performer (cited in Robinson, 2010).

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