Essay about The Factors Affecting Student Achievement

Essay about The Factors Affecting Student Achievement

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According to the Janesville School District, 55% of students in the district are at or below the poverty line. Poverty is one key element that impacts student achievement, along with family, culture, and nutrition. These factors can be connected and intertwine with each other. Individuals are shaped by the environment and the variables from which they surround themselves. The same can be true for students. Teachers need to understand that every student has been influenced by these demographic characteristics in order to be effective. Also, these factors can be connected and intertwine with each other.
The family has a huge role in the achievement of students. Research and studies have been done on all aspects of families. Demographics include education of family, income of family, marital status, race or culture of the family to name a few. (Egalite) How much education a family has connects with how much the student values education. Children want to be or do what their parents have grown to be or do. At one time, all four of my children wanted to be workers at Kwik Trip. Today, three of them want to be teachers. They value higher education because our family values education. They feel it is beneficial to success. A family that has a higher education has a better chance of getting a mixed perspective on the community, nation, and world. An educated family volunteer more and go to more conferences at school. They read more to their children which help with a more complex vocabulary. A family that has more of an education will have middle-class social norms. Anna Egalite claims, parental education is the number one factor in determining success at school and in life for children. Of course, all these “good” qualities ...

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... and students and students who suffer poverty. Again, this paper could be 100 pages. It is hard to stay within the five-page maximum and summarize with research all the areas. Educators need to figure out what the student lacks in regards to resources and try to fill that gap, even if it is only temporarily. We have programs in our school to feed kids, cloth them, spiritual clubs and organizations, people to talk to about anything the student needs and a staff that are super caring and compassionate.
The grasp on these elements on the impact on students is essential to be successful in the education field. I am blessed that my children had the opportunity to go to the “poor” school in Janesville. Wilson Elementary got more government money (Title 1) and had the best teachers. The education in diversity, poverty, and culture for our family is priceless.

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