Factors Affecting Professional Development Plans of General Practitioners

Factors Affecting Professional Development Plans of General Practitioners

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This project studied both the internal and external factors that helped and hindered development plans where General Practitioners were introduced to Practice Professional Development Plans and Personal Development Plans with a General Practice tutor. The associate General Practice tutor network and a facilitator, in addition to having received a copy of Professional Development: a guide for general practice. The method used was of qualitative approach to facilitate triangulation of the data, providing cross-data validity checks. The practice GPs were decisively sampled for maximum variation, with groups divided equally to represent small and large rural and urban practices (small = up to three doctors; large = more than four doctors), gender mix (four male and four female) and older and younger partners, with a mean age of 48 (range = 38–59). This sampling method was particularly appropriate for the small sample because of the significance of shared patterns developing out of heterogeneity, and also for documentation of uniqueness. Focus group participants were associate GP tutors p...

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