Factors Affecting Fice Visit With An Adolescent Essay

Factors Affecting Fice Visit With An Adolescent Essay

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Aggravating Factors:
Relieving Factors:
1. There are many techniques or approaches for the office visit with an adolescent. Describe your approach. How would you set up your exam room? What type of educational materials will be available? How long should the appointment last? Will you have the family present at the beginning or end of the visit? List three health maintenance issues you will discuss with the patient today. Provide supportive material for your choices.

In preparing for an office visit with an adolescent, the APN should lessen any distractions within the exam room, such as non-essential supplies to assure that the clinician will have the adolescent’s full attention. Contingent upon the purpose of the visit, there should be age appropriate brochures available with resources for adolescents who are seeking help for sex education and/or sexuality, attention deficit/hyperactive disorder, drug and alcohol abuse, peer pressure, domestic and/or sexual abuse. Often, brochures can aid APNs or patients to have open dialogue or discussions about health promotion and life experiences ahead or now. If space allows, there should be a chair placed within the exam room to allow the APN to become less intrusive and at the patient’s level to discuss his or her care without feeling uncomfortable. Most notably, the APN should begin to establish a level of trust and present a sense of caring for the patient without the patient feeling judged or withholding information due to consequences. As well, depending on the state of where the APN practices, the patient has rights to have information withheld from the parents or caregivers. Throughout the process, the A...

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