Factors Affecting Cardiovascular Risk Factors For Cardiovascular Disease

Factors Affecting Cardiovascular Risk Factors For Cardiovascular Disease

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Winkleby, M. A., D. E. Jatulis, E. Frank, and S. P. Fortmann. "Socioeconomic Status and Health: How Education, Income, and Occupation Contribute to Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease." American Journal of Public Health 82.6 (1992): 816-20. Web. 22 Nov. 2016.
Research Question.
In this research article, the key research questions and hypothesis proposed are: 1) key research questions focused on “the impact of each separate dimension of SES on cardiovascular risk factors, 2) use a forward stepwise selection model to evaluate if one measure of SES is the strongest predictor of risk factors, and (3) offer guidance to researchers about selection of SES measures” (Winkleby, M. A.; D. E. Jatulis: E. Frank; S. P. Fortmann, 1992, p. 816)? The hypothesis states that if differences in cardiovascular risk factors are connected to differences in socioeconomic.
The researchers’ sampled subjects from the ages 25 to 64 from the Stanford Five-City Project (85% White, non-Hispanic) and a total of 2380 participants. In addition, they used the cardiovascular disease intervention study surveys which were performed in the year 1979 to 1986. They excluded people who were unemployed, students, and retirees because of their occupation. The participates were examined through their education, income, and occupation with the set of risk factors (Winkleby, M. A.; D. E. Jatulis: E. Frank; S. P. Fortmann, 1992, p. 816-817).
Key Variables.
The main independent variable in this article is socioeconomic status which is based on education, income, and occupation. The researchers used information on these variables through questionnaires. Education was calculated based on the highest number of years in school that was completed and di...

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...two individual variables can be ambiguous to the differences in the connections with SES. Education in this study was known to be the most efficient choice as a variable since they used composite measures based on time or cost restraints.
The researchers’ encountered some limitations throughout this study which is having the education as the only indicator of socioeconomics, the ages were limited into a small sample instead of having a larger sample, other measurements of socioeconomic have some subgroups that can be beyond sensitive markers for health and if years in schooling differ in degrees or certification better measurements (Winkleby, M. A.; D. E. Jatulis: E. Frank; S. P. Fortmann, 1992, p. 819). Having more diversity of ethnicity would have helped the statistical analysis because it will provide more significant results for SES and health.

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