Essay on The Factors Affecting An Alternative Education Setting

Essay on The Factors Affecting An Alternative Education Setting

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The purpose of this quantitative case study is to understand the factors that contribute to parent disengagement in an alternative education setting and what can alternative education schools need to put in place to increase parental engagement. Alternative education, in this case, consists of a student population that is on formal probation and has been expelled from their home district.
Dropping out of school, however, is only the end of the more general process of school disengagement, a process that typically begins earlier in the educational career. A strategy is needed to recognize early school disengagement and potential dropout (Henry, Knight, & Thornberry, 2012). The parents of successful students were involved at school significantly more than parents of struggling students (Rath et al., 2008). This study focuses on collecting data for qualitative inquiry frameworks, which consist of Ethnography, Grounded Theory, Realism and System Theory (Patton, 2015). The study will use interviews and observations from different points of view find out the root causes of parent disengagement and what alternative school sites can put in place to encourage parental engagement.
Research Questions
Four-research question will guide this research study. Two questions were developed to understand why parental engagement is low in an alternative education setting and what factors need to be in place at a school site to ensure parent engagement. The research questions for the study are:
1. What factors attribute for parent disengagement at an alternative school site?
2. Is student expulsion process a barrier for parental student involvement?
3. What factors are in place at the school site that welcome or are barriers for parental involvemen...

... middle of paper ...

...documented and analyzed. After careful analyzes a list of codes were created to address the research question. Five codes were created with two subcategories:
• Negative Parent Contact
• Opportunities for engagement
o Positive Opportunities
o Reasons for negative or no parent participation
• Positive Student Contact
• Negative Student Contact
• Parent Contact by school Staff
III. Data analysis. Use tables, charts, graphs matched with narrative.
Data obtained from interviews and observations was analyzed and coded based on the trends that were observed. Data was then inputted in NVIVO to be analyzed for trends in frequencies of the codes identified.
NVIVO Results
Data was coded into nodes in NVIVO (Appendix A). Interview and observation results yielded various frequencies deepening of the data collected. The frequency of data codes of the can be located on Table 1.

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