The Factor Of Time And Its Influence On Science And Philosophy Essay

The Factor Of Time And Its Influence On Science And Philosophy Essay

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The factor of time and its influence on science and philosophy makes it a difficult task to compare the past and the present, as they tend to build on each other to a great extent. However, based on the strong truthfulness of the above claim, it should be fair to claim that the philosophy of Aristotle, Socrates (through Plato), Hobbes and Nietzsche cannot be entirely viewed as very separate views. With that said, I would like to argue that the consistency and timelessness of the claim that “things build on each other,” makes the best argument regarding truth to be the one most attentive to the “individual experience.” The strongest argument regarding the conception of truth addresses the human’s role in the origin of truth, if any, going beyond the use and acknowledgement of its existence to find the true source, This would lead me to argue, in favor of Nietzsche’s conception of truth between his and Hobbes argument of truth as an internal quality within the realm of human minds and language.
Firstly, between the two conceptions of truths, Socrates and Aristotle against Hobbes and Nietzsche, the latter employs a much nuanced argument (which could be a factor of the time difference and as a result the research and exposure difference). In the case of Hobbes, he argued on the materialism of truth through speech, and the purpose of reasoning through speech in attaining truths. Hobbes argued that we are dependent on objective things in arriving at our very subjective truths and reasoning’s. This follows his argument regarding the important of speech. In the Leviathan, he argued that in order to understand or formulate his or her own truths (as truth is subjective), one must possess speech. According to Hobbes, speech and language, in...

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...xperiencing things which in turn brings knowledge and truth (Metaphysics 1009b). Therefore, both of their arguments fall short due to its lack of consideration for the individual’s role in the production of truth as they both focused on ”material” things in attaining their conceptions of truth.
Hence, it might be difficult to say which of these arguments would lead the other if all the philosophers wrote in the same time period, because as earlier noted, time/period is a major factor in understanding. For the most convincing argument, Nietzsche seems to doubt the whole existence of real truth in this physical world, universal or individual, because we have are far too detached. His argument best employed the varied arguments (or rebuttal) regarding the source of truth including society, experience and senses which the other philosophers failed to adequately execute.

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