Essay on Facilitators vs. Teachers

Essay on Facilitators vs. Teachers

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Facilitator is often proposed as an alternative to teachers standing in front of the classroom. However, the teacher talk has been linked to the use of international pattern for facilitator talk has proved to be more elusive. The central and most important role in the class is that of the facilitator tying together the other actors in the learning process.
Student role in the classroom are changing because society as a whole is changing. Student’s home environment has changed radically different from what was the norm thirty years ago.

My view of classrooms is from my reflections of my elementary and junior high years. The teacher’s desk was in the front of the room with three rows of desks. The teacher talked and I listened. Reading was from the Basel reader and writing was copying from the board.
Classrooms today are learner-centered with the teacher as the facilitator encouraging students to become independent learners as they seek out the solution to the problem and build on prior knowledge. Students are more likely to succeed in differentiated classroom where learning environment is created for all types of learners.
The second part of this paper will address the roles of facilitator and learner and how effective classrooms are shifting from traditional to learner- centered. The other article did not pertain to the topic.
The Six T’s of Effective Elementary Literacy Instruction
By Richard L. Allington
Effective literacy instruction was researched through hundreds of days of classroom observation and interviews with students and teachers. Six ts were found to be evident in high students reading achievement classrooms that researched. The tm’s included time, text, teach, talk, test and tasks. Students in these classro...

... middle of paper ...

...ty, mentoring, experiential learning and community based learning.
The schools in the USA scored in the 80% of the 25school districts on mandate testing. In Canada the schools was ranked in the top of the list of all high schools on provincial final examination to all 12th grade students in the province.

The four research based articles discuss the characteristics of high achieving students in school today. According to Newby teachers need to carefully plan out instructions. The PIE model described the six ingredients necessary for instruction plan, students, and objectives, learning environment, instructional activities, methods, media and instructional materials. The teacher is now the facilitator for the learner in the class. The changing role of the teacher and student in today’s classroom will increase student learning and student success.

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