Facilitating Diffusion of E-governent Services Essay example

Facilitating Diffusion of E-governent Services Essay example

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1 Introduction
E-government has the potential to improve greatly the delivery of public services, making them easier to access, more convenient to use, more responsive, more transparent and so on. It also has the potential to free up resources in the public sector by delivering services more efficiently. Therefore governments are keen to push their citizens to use online services to deliver public services more efficiently and faster with lower cost. For instance U.K. government, in February 2010, announced a new strategy for the public sector aimed at simplifying and standardizing ICT across the public sector to enable interoperability and data sharing while providing flexibility and efficient services that will deliver savings of over £ 3.2 billion per year(E-Government factsheets, 2010). Although the e-government services are beneficial to the citizens but diffusing these services to citizens in an innovative format could be challenging. The purpose of this paper is to examine the influence of electronic government in facilitating the diffusion of public services to citizens and what are the advantages and disadvantages of this transformation. To evaluate the influence of e-government in facilitating the diffusion of public services, firstly we must know what the e-government is, then, what factors are important for successfully implementing of the e-government concept, and finally, what type of benefits citizens could gain by using government’s e-services. This essay consists of 5 main sections starting with the e-government literature followed by historical view of e-government in the U.K. The next section is discussing about the influential factors of successful diffusion of e-government services followed by further discuss...

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...n in the public sector: Key features influencing the development and implementation of technologically innovative public sector services in the UK, Denmark, Finland and Estonia." Information Polity: The International Journal of Government & Democracy in the Information Age 12, no. 3: 109-125. [Accessed 25th November 2010]
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