Facilitating Career Planning for African American Women in Organizational Leadership

Facilitating Career Planning for African American Women in Organizational Leadership

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Most nonprofit agencies follow the same management structure. The structure normally consists of a vertical hierarchal structure with the chief executive manager at the helm, and divisional leaders rounding out the strategic leadership team. Since 9/11, then government shutdowns, multiple wars, natural disasters, and the government sequester, the challenge to most nonprofits is to compete for every available charitable dollar. Chief Executive Officers (CEO) of nonprofits must not only be skillful in maximizing the outcomes with fewer dollars, but also politically savvy in vying for monies for federal, state, local, foundation, and private funding sources.
Because of this conundrum, political, academic, and social connections become increasing important to nonprofits in order to stay in business. African American women may be the least attractive group for nonprofits to recruit and cultivate for fear of them not having the proper connections to further develop the agency into the growth the company needs to sustain itself. This may also be a reason why African American women tend to shy away from the leadership roles in leading nonprofits in Philadelphia.
The counterbalance to these challenges may very well be a structured leadership that counterbalances the challenges facing nonprofits in general, and those in Philadelphia, in particular. In addition, this qualitative study will help to identify the specific attitudes toward the recruitment and cultivation of African American women in leadership roles with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Proposed Problems
The facts that dictate this empirical study is the phenomena and cause(s) of low to meager representation of African American women in management or organization...

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