Essay on The Facets Of Business And Organizational Leadership

Essay on The Facets Of Business And Organizational Leadership

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My time in MGT 164 is coming to a close, and I have learned about the facets of business and organizational leadership. By reading about leadership from scholars and seasoned businessmen I have refined my understanding, and it has revealed to me what I must do to make a real difference and become the leader I know I can be. Goleman et al., McClelland and Burnham, Kotter, Cuddy, Kohut and Neffinger, and Deresiewicz are five authors that genuinely impacted my understanding of leadership.
Goleman’s writing was extremely important, because he showed me that leadership is multidimensional, and not just about commanding respect using intelligence and skill. I used to believe that having a good resume leads to a good job, just like how having extracurriculars helps with college, but Goleman made me realize that’s not what recruiters are looking for. They are looking for someone who they can emotionally connect with; someone they can see themselves working with. Furthermore, I recognized that if you understand yourself and can lead yourself, then you can lead others. I am generally self aware of my emotions, but I tend to hold them in which won’t allow me to make the connections needed of a leader. I need to work on my abilities to empathize by reading the body language of my peers more and being more verbal about my feelings in regards to other, and by doing this I can improve my communication skills.
Moving on from Goleman’s writing, I know I must have emotional control and the authors, McClelland and Burnham, explain the importance of not only emotional control but also a desire for power. I believe that to be a good leader you must desire more than complicancy. After reading his writing I concluded that power and being liked are han...

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...y opinion, is extremely difficult because you must stand alone in your beliefs and live for your wants. In all honesty I don’t think I could do that because we are surrounded by other responsibilities and expectations. Not once in my life have I had a solitary moment to think about what I want, so over this break I am planning on spending some alone time away from social media and really thinking about what I want.
I have come to the conclusion that the difference between being a mediocre leader and an authentic leader is rooted in a leader’s ability to think. All the authors words really resonated in me showing me that I have so much room to grow. Being a leader is not as easy as it appears, and the first step for me is to determine my passion and what I want to fight for. I will take everything I have learned in this class to help me in my professional endeavors.

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