The Faces of Nationalism Essay

The Faces of Nationalism Essay

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The Faces of Nationalism

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The use of nationalism (defined as patriotic feelings, principles, or efforts) as a rallying point is a double-edged sword. The development of pride in, and love for, one’s nation can lead to a unified effort in its development. When carried to excess, however, it is often a basis for the subjugation of others, and a rallying cry and justification for war. It is thus a manipulative tool, readily used for good or ill depending on the motivations of those employing it. This paper will narrowly examine its development and effects in some of the events leading to and resulting from the first World War.
The Eastern Hemisphere was a mix of ruling nations, subject nations, and occupied territories. Most of the ruling nations were the larger European countries (Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Russia, Turkey) while the subject nations included mostly smaller European, African and Asian countries and colonies. Curiously, the ruling classes of the European nations were often related to one another, a factor one might imagine would reduce nationalistic conflicts. Cousins, daughters, and uncles ranged among the ruling aristocracy of most, if not all, but siblings have not always been known to share well, and the sibling nations of Europe were no exception. Nominal alliances, common interests between what were to become the Allied and the Central Powers, were solidified with events following the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria by a group of Serbian Nationalists in 19...

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