Facebook Usage And Its Effect On Self Esteem Essay

Facebook Usage And Its Effect On Self Esteem Essay

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The topic of my research is Facebook usage and its effect on self-esteem. Self-esteem is an important part of the self, as it also affects how we react and behave in different situations. In social psychology, the self-esteem is studied often. Social psychology is an important study because it helps us understand people’s thoughts and behaviors in certain social situations. Someone with low self-esteem might behave differently on social networks compared to someone with higher self-esteem. People have different personality traits which are reflected in their behaviors in social situations. As an example, a study has shown that those with trouble trusting in their partners in close relationships frequently spend time on Facebook monitoring the activity of their partners (Marvell, 2011). Today, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are very widely used across all age groups starting with the teens. The availability of smartphones and computers allow easy accessibility to these social networks. There is plenty of research about internet or social network usage and how it could affect an individual in many ways, such as the individual’s interpersonal relationships, social and moral support, or general well-being. In one study, Armstrong, Phillips, and Saling (2000) has shown that heavier internet usage was related to poorer self-esteem. In another study, Facebook usage predicted negative shifts in an individuals’ well-being from moment-to-moment and overall satisfaction with their lives (Kross et al., 2013). However, there is a lack of up-to-date research regarding the effect on a college individual’s self-esteem. For my research, I will focus on the frequency, purpose, and characteristics of Facebook usage in UCSB...

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... is the easiest and fastest way to obtain data from UCSB students. Being college students, they often have little time to spare, but surveys are quick and easy to complete.
After collecting data through the surveys, I plan to look for different patterns from the answers given in the survey to put the samples into separate groups. For example, one group will be high frequency of status updates and the other will be low frequency. From here, I will match each group with their results from the self-esteem scale and determine whether or not there is a significant difference in self-esteem between the two groups. If not, I will look for other patterns in Facebook usage and do the same thing. The patterns will act as my independent variables, and the self-esteem scale will act as my dependent variable. The different patterns should relate to different self-esteem levels.

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