Essay on Facebook Social Media And Young Adults

Essay on Facebook Social Media And Young Adults

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Most people associate the Facebook social media with young citizens. People believe that the Facebook social media platform was created and designed only to fit the young adults. This notion came about because over 75% of Facebook users are below the age of 45 (Ongeri, 2). Also, most of the social activities the take place on the Facebook platform are associated with young adults. For instance, most occasions the Facebook is used for mingling. The mingling is only considered as an act of the younger generation (Ruti & Moran, 46). Again, the technology that is associated with the Facebook application is viewed to be bias and favor only the young adults. The young generation is overwhelmed by the technological trends such as the use of internet communication systems and exploration of new electronic devices. This gives them an upper hand in using the Facebook (Ongeri, 3). On the contrary, the Facebook is as well an excellent social platform for the older people. In fact, from the year 2000 to the year 2009, the number of citizens aged between 50 and 64 who use Facebook increased by 70% while those who are aged above 65 rose by 38 % (Kate, 2). In the year 2010, the number of Facebook users aged 50 – 64 increased by 88% and those above 65 grew by 26 % (Kate, 2). Most of the adults are entirely comfortable with face use. Facebook as a social media applies technology for social interaction. The Facebook is an essential social media for older people.

Facebook social media facilitate connection of people with each other. As people age up, most of the social connections are cut. The link between colleagues, friends, and loved ones is reduced to a minimal or lost. This is because of the retirement and establishment of permanent pl...

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...ook media platform. From the discussion, the benefits offered by Facebook play a crucial role in the lives of the old people. Benefits provided by the social media should therefore not be taken for granted since they provide solutions to particular problems faced by the older people that would be costly to solve using other means. Statistics indicate that if the use of Facebook social media is adopted by the old people, there are increased chances of improvement in the quality of life lived by the elderly people. The lengthening of the lives of more aged people shall, therefore, be celebrated by majority given that it also facilitates the use integration of technology in the livelihood of the old people. Therefore, the benefits of the Facebook social media by elderly outweigh the disadvantages. It should be embraced by both the elderly and their younger counterparts.

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