Facebook 's Sales Come From Advertising On Its Social Network Essay

Facebook 's Sales Come From Advertising On Its Social Network Essay

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Facebook’s sales come from advertising on its social network. The technologies that the industry uses are the internet, mobile apps, industry-standard local storage, cookies, and pixel tags. These technologies are mainly used to get data from the users to be able to send relevant ads to each user.
Technical standards are very important in defining how business is done in the social media industry. Everything that Facebook does is based on the current standards of the industry. There are the basic internet standards which were set by The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) (Bradner, 1996), mobile app standards which were set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIFT) (Michael, 2014), and local storage standards which were set by The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) (Constantin, 2013).

Does your firm or any other in its industry position itself to benefit from the standards or to create new ones? Jennie

Facebook positions itself to benefit from the standards of the industry. The open internet standards allow Facebook, and all other firms in the industry, to make it easy for devices and applications to work together across a network (Internet Society, 2014). This standard helps Facebook to implement applications, either on the web or on a mobile device, that are available to everyone. This makes it really easy to advertise to a large group of people.
The firm also tries to stay ahead of the rest of firms in the industry by creating new ones. The World Wide Web Consortium has teamed up with Facebook and other big companies to form a website for standards on new technologies called Web Platform Docs (Roe, 2012). This group effort was to enable firms to easily find the standards for building platforms and w...

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... update an event through Facebook regarding the ongoing protests in Hong Kong, he or she will not be able to do it from mainland China because the government “controls the Internet by blocking sites that contain pornography, gambling and content critical of the ruling Communist Party ( Lococo 2014)”.

Despite being the world’s largest social-networking company, in countries such as China and VietNam, Facebook has only been accessible in through so-called proxy services that sidestep government censors. Without an accessible site, the company is limited to offering marketing services to business. Considering China is the largest and perhaps the most lucrative market for any profit-seeking company, such intractable problem will be quite a challenge to Facebook’s ambition to expand globally because it is here to stay - no matter how fluent Mark Zuckerberg’s Chinese is.

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