Facebook Is An Important Part Of Today 's Society Essay

Facebook Is An Important Part Of Today 's Society Essay

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Facebook has become an important part of today’s society. Facebook offers many things all on one social network. Facebook can be used for entertaining, communication, and being able to share information for everyone to see at once. It offers people an easier way to connect with old friends and family, keep people updated, and an easier way for communication. It also allows you to find out about various issues in the world, whether it be news, media, or just any type of current events in general. It is a good source for new music as well as television shows etc…
Facebook to me is just a use of communication for my family. The longer Facebook has been out, the more my family uses it. I don’t have a problem with that but they always like to comment on everything I put up. With my brother being overseas the main purpose for me is to be able to talk to him with no problem and Facebook gives me that opportunity. It’s also very helpful for me to keep in touch with the family that I’m not as close to. I also feel it is a very important way for me to interact with a lot of my friends because since we have all graduated from high school and are either in college or just doing their own thing. Besides talking to family I use Facebook to watch funny videos, listen to music, as well as view various photos of friends and celebrities. Since being in college I find myself to be stressed out a lot and whenever I need to take a break I can always go to Facebook for a good laugh.
When you look on my page you can see that it is very simple. Since I have mostly family up their I don’t post a lot because I know they have strong opinions about things. I only try to post the important parts on my life script because it makes me who I am, as for going...

... middle of paper ...

... to be all in her status because they always comment on them. This was also similar because this is why I never post anything because I don’t like for my family members to comment on every single thing. The main thing we both do is share different videos and pictures. The only difference in our pages is that I have privacy settings set up t when only certain people can see my post and photos. On the other hand, she doesn’t have any privacy setting set up. From her page I was able to tell that she doesn’t really like her family in her business and that she is a quite person. Just from seeing her in class I could make this assumption about her although she is more open in class. I believe that we both like to take a prevention method when it comes to our page. We know that our family will probably have something to say if we were to post pictures about us going out.

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