Facebook Is A Global Platform For Public Self Expression And Conversation

Facebook Is A Global Platform For Public Self Expression And Conversation

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Company Profile & Background
Twitter describes itself as a "global platform for public self expression and conversation in real-time." Twitter have proved a platform for its users to discover, uncover, find, generate and distribute content, with an emphasis on simplicity. Currently, the majority of Twitter users reach it online or by a mobile application, so the 140 character limit is more of a systemic limitation instead of technical one.
Twitter is a public real-time platform allowing any user to tweet and any user to follow other users (users can choose to make their accounts private). Users can be followed by thousands or millions of other users without requiring a reciprocal relationship. Also, the largely public nature of the platform allows Twitter content to be easily found, consumed and distributed, increasing its related reach and impact. Tweets have appeared on more than one million websites.
Twitter is used by people to stay informed about happening in world in real time. It also allows user to update links, pictures, video 's and other media content. These features have enabled Twitter to become significant platform for communicating happening ranging from real life events, sporting events, natural disaster and political turmoil. Twitter helps enable what it refers to as "powerful shared experiences."

SWOT analysis was performed to analyze the internal and external factors that can affect Twitter 's future performance.

1. A good brand image in market for credible celebrity accounts
2. Early Market entrant with strong market position in micro blogging
3. Speedy and concise updates enabled
4. Highly preferred by organizations or celebrities for business or publicity purpose
5. Quick information excha...

... middle of paper ...

... of the company since it has been launched. Based upon researchers, as the micro blogging site`s global growth declines, shows this character limit is impeding progress of Twitter growth, mainly because different foreign languages possess different parameters in which to put in words a consistent thought.
The key point is to find a right way to handle such a drastic change without irritating core users who are deeply attached to the existed limitation. Twitter might release a new product which would permits users to send tweets more than 140 character limitation that Twitter currently imposes. In this aspect, the ones who really do not want to stick on character limitation can have it. But there are many of indications that Twitter user are already ready for this change, because users already find to avoid 140 character limitation by tweeting photos of long texts.

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