Facebook and Negative Feelings Essay

Facebook and Negative Feelings Essay

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Facebook was developed by Mark Zuckerberg who was in college when he created this social media networking website. Zuckerberg’s intentions were much different than what we have expected and grown used to. Facebook has allowed different sites and partner websites in on the user’s private information such as, their interests, location, and age. It has also allowed for many users to cyber bully others and not deal with the consequences after. Many users on Facebook suffer from depression, sadness, anger, jealousy and many other negative feelings. Facebook has caused privacy interferences, behavioral issues, and an overall unsafe environment for its users.
Facebook was designed to connect people together and share social media. “Zuckerberg wanted to create an environment in which you could send messages, share pictures, look at other people's pictures, share videos and links and have ongoing conversations with each other. This way, people can stay connected with each other regardless of their physical locations,” (ehow.com). Instead Facebook has become a worldwide problem and is slowly draining the life out of its users. The social media site is causing much dismay over its users and causing an unnecessary roadblock in the lives of its users. The intentions of Facebook seemed great in theory, but when Facebook became a reality, it turned for the worse.
Facebook has the potential to be a very useful online social media source. Although, there should be limits to the amount of usage of Facebook. People make it their main priority when in reality they are only posting about what they have and what they have done throughout the day. If Facebook had not existed people would still be doing the same things daily and their life would not be ...

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...rents the dangers of letting their children use Facebook unsupervised. If people took these proper steps to stop the hate and bullying on Facebook, the depression rate caused by social media could drastically go down.
There are many solutions to the problems Facebook causes. In order to fix these problems, it could take a lot time and money and Facebook does not want to waste that. But, if users were to stop using Facebook all together because of these problems, the problems would be fixed. Facebook would lose a majority of its users and then they would fix the problems but it would already be too late. People believe that it is not an issue if it is not happening to them and that is not fair to the people suffering. They do not see all the problems that Facebook has because they have not experienced them. Facebook has become and is still becoming a terrible idea.

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