Facebook : An Invasion Of Privacy Essay

Facebook : An Invasion Of Privacy Essay

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The 21st century has brought a lot of modern ideas, innovations, and technology. One of these is social media. The invention of Facebook has completely changed the way we communicate with one another. Instant messaging, photo sharing, and joining online groups have created a way for families and friends to connect. Some argue that Facebook is the greatest invention however, while it is seemingly harmless, Facebook has created an invasion of privacy. The accessibility of Facebook and its widespread use has created privacy problems for users, teens, and interviewees by allowing easy control to viewers.
Our country was founded on the idea of American’s rights of which includes the implied right to privacy in the Bill of Rights. No one has the right to invade other’s privacy besides the law in strict circumstances. Privacy of home, information, and personal life should all be respected. Today Facebook has changed the meaning of privacy by creating a hub of personal information that is easily accessible by virtually anyone.
The creators of Facebook can see everything posted on their website: messages, photos, likes, etc. Is that not an invasion of privacy? While some users make their profiles private to other Facebook users, the company can view those profiles if they want to. In a lawsuit against Facebook, users have claimed that the site used their “names, photographs, likenesses and identities to sell advertisements for products, services, or brands without obtaining [their] consent” (Grea). This shows that the company obtained user’s private information somehow. Normally when anyone wants to search someone’s personal things, a search warrant is required as well as probable cause. However, on Facebook administrators can view al...

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...rs can all see private information and use it to their advantage. Facebook has changed the way society operates. No longer can people be sure that their information is safe. Identity theft can easily occur on Facebook and so can dangerous stalking. While the Bill of Rights protects Americans from “search without a warrant”, Facebook has violated that. No one needs a warrant to search personal information on Facebook. Anyone can put up a fake photo and pretend to be a high school friend. Even Facebook founders themselves can find out information about anyone because they created the website. Mutual friends can also become a problem because they may view one’s information and their friend’s information and can go down the list of friends. The creation of this platform has brought problems along with it. Facebook is a breach of privacy and allows for criminal activity.

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