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Facebook Adding Music Services Essay

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Ethan Smith and Shayndi Raice authored Facebook Adding Music Service in a recently published WSJ.com article of September 1, 2011. The article describes Facebook’s new initiative to include shared media services on their website. These media services will include music, movies, and video games, and will allow Facebook users the opportunity to share their favorite selections with their Facebook friends, without leaving the site.
The main characters in this article include Facebook, Inc., a social network website that provides registered users with an open forum to create profiles, send messages, upload photos and videos, and stay in touch with family, friends, and classmates. Facebook is teaming up with online music sharing services such as Spotify AB and Rdio Inc. Facebook’s competition includes online companies such as Google Inc. and Amazon.com Inc. that are already using “cloud” music services, along with future competition from Apple Inc’s iCloud. The article concludes with a nod to Time Warner Inc.’s Warner Bros. movie studio, that has recently kicked off a movie rental program on Facebook.
Facebook’s detailed announcement regarding this new venture is expected to be revealed at the September 22, 2011 f8 Developer conference. As such, the details on how music services would work through Facebook are somewhat vague. The article alludes to a powerful integration between Facebook and streaming online music services, that will permit users to connect and listen to their favorite tunes via their Facebook pages. Through Facebook buttons or links, users will identify music and videos they consume and make them available and accessible on their Facebook platform. Their Facebook friends will then be able to listen and share ...

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...ir in the social networking world.
Facebook has begun a large makeover plan that will include media offers on their web site. Their strategy of social network sharing fits well with this new integration media concept. Facebook’s goal to bring music and movies to their fan platform will entice their consumers to spend more time on their site. Sharing of music and videos will also connect artists to their fans. Lastly, music tastes and discoveries will now be influenced and recommended by usage and socialization, providing marketers with a new target venue.

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