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In 2004, a social networking service launched Facebook. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, along with a few of his college friends. It allows its users to create their own profiles, add friends and/or family, create posts, and much more. The amount of users has skyrocketed through the past few years and continues to do so. Although, Facebook can be positive in so many ways, it also has its negative aspects. The average Facebook user spends forty minutes or more on Facebook each day. There are many individuals whose lives revolve around the use of social media and Facebook just so happens to become addicting to some.
Generally when I think of Facebook, I think of posts. People will post anything and everything from the time they get up to the time they get into bed. Users post about their lives, how they are feeling, what they are planning on doing that day, and basically anything that comes to their minds. In a way, this could be both negative and positive but I tend to look at it more as one of the positive outcomes of Facebook. Some people could be using Facebook as some sort of an outlet. When they are upset and have no one to turn to they feel like they can turn to Facebook to express their feelings or some may just feel lonely and bored. People can also be happy or excited and have the need to tell someone about their day but have no one to talk to at the moment. This sort of ties into meeting new people. When a user posts something, Facebook allows another to make a comment about it. There are billions of Facebook users and for someone who isn’t very social or who may be shy in person, this could be such a great experience for them. Some people find it way easier to communicate through a screen rather than face to fa...

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...ense of inadequacy.” (Copeland 593).
For me, personally I see Facebook as both good and bad. Since I am more of a shy person, I sometimes feel like communicating through a screen rather than face to face is a better option for me. Facebook also helps me stay in touch with my family and friends. Sometimes I won’t see a friend or family member in months so with me having a Facebook account, all I have to do is send a message. Of course, I do run into some bad things from time to time such as cyber bullying, drama, and other things but I am able to pay it no mind. I do think it can be dangerous especially for underage kids since there are so many strangers however, if their parents or guardians could pay a little attention to their accounts it could prevent some things from happening. Although, Facebook can be positive in so many ways, it also has its negative aspects.

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