Face to Face Interview: A Bosnian Immigrant Essay

Face to Face Interview: A Bosnian Immigrant Essay

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A girl from Sarajevo Bosnia settled in Florida along with her family after escaping Bosnia as war refugees. Since her aunt lived in Florida, she helped facilitate the proper paper work for acceptance into America. In the interview we discussed, gender roles, spiritual beliefs, food, in addition to the benefits and disadvantages of being part of this cultural group. It was a fascinating experience to learn about her family, history and culture.
Family and Culture
The male in Bosnian culture is considered the provider. The woman's role is that of a caretaker, cook and home maker. The youth today think far beyond the roles assigned to them by their ancestors. Bosnians are hard workers and their values are knowledge, travel, practicality and integrity. In addition, Bosnians are family oriented and have no concept of time. They have perfected the art of getting together with family and friends for hours at a time; a regular way to spend the day in Bosnia is sipping coffee and chatting the day away in one of the cities many cafés. When a gathering is at home, this is a very extravagant...

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