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The Face Of The Microsoft Essay

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The Face of Microsoft
How you ever thought about the people who are the face of the company? Why are they the face of the company? What did they do to get this kind of image? Most of the time, a person who founded the company is the face of the company. What if there is more than one cofounder of the company? Then who is the face of the company? There cannot be multiple faces of the company. For example, Microsoft is one these companies that has more than one cofounder of the company. Nevertheless, Bill Gates is the face of the company, not Paul Allen. More of the people don’t even know him. This research paper will evaluate about why Bill Gates is the face of the Microsoft. What did he do to become the face of the Microsoft? Why is Paul Allen not the face of the company. Also, what kind of work did Paul Allen do in Microsoft?
Microsoft Company is one of the top companies of all time. It is known throughout the world. Tina Gianoulis said that, Microsoft Company was founded on 1975 in Albuquerque New Mexico (556). Gianouluis added that, the founders of Microsoft Company are Bill Gates and Paul Allen (556). Gianouluis said that, Microsoft Company Headquarters is in Redmond, Washington (558). The company is known for manufacturing computers software, computer, games, and other things. Both Bill Gates and Paul Allen worked hard to start company and make the company one of the best in the world. If they both work hard for company, why did only Bill Gates become the face of the company and not Paul Allen. Most of the people in the world don’t even know that Paul Allen is the cofounder of Microsoft.
One of cofounder, of Microsoft is Bill Gates. He is the wealthiest person in the world (Zeveloff) `. Gianouluis said that, he went to...

... middle of paper ...

...rows that role expands. Whereas the technical role expands too, but not as much. When that happens you get an interesting dynamic.”(15) I thing that he was trying to say that Gates was more interested in publicity, so he want it to do everything his way, which frustrated Allen because he did not get his right but he was equal part of the company.
Microsoft is well known throu out the world. This is because of Bill Gates, he lead the company and made it one of the best company in world. Paul Allen is not the face of the company because he did not keep working with Microsoft and Bill Gates. If he keep working with Microsoft and Bill Gates he could have been well know person or maybe the face of the Microsoft with Bill Gates but this did not happened. Only Bill Gates become the face of the Microsoft Company. Microsoft Company made him wealthiest person in the world.

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