The Face Of Face Workshop

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Face-to-face Workshop It is a group-based workshop where each group is given different learning activities to work on. The group members have to discuss and collaborate with each other before coming up with a group consensus to present to the class. Thereafter, there will be inter-group debate on the ideas or issues presented. This exercise is facilitated by the lecturer. Each workshop has a duration of three hours and there are usually four to six members per group. Online forum discussion There will be a scenario or issue created by a lecturer for each student to react. Subsequently, each student has to respond to a least six postings from the peers. They have to substantiate their responses with reasons from articles read or their own experiences. The lecturer has to read the postings and correct misleading ones, push the discussion forward by playing the ‘devil’s advocate’, prompt and intervene in the discussion in order to foster higher level of thinking. Each forum discussion has a duration of three weeks and it is an individual forum. Micro-teaching Duration: Maximum 10 minutes inclusive of question-and-answer. Teaching method: Open, that is, participants are allowed to teach using a teacher centred or a student centred approach, conduct a demonstration or an experiment, etc. Lesson content: It can be academic or non-academic (general knowledge). Teaching materials: Choose teaching materials which are appropriate for the audience and the lesson. Procedure: Each participant will be videotaped and during playback participant is required to comment on his/her teaching. Subsequently, peer comments are invited. Participants are allowed to use any forms of teaching aids. Assessment: This exercise carries 20% ... ... middle of paper ... ...s encountered and how the group solves them. They can seek guidance from the lecturer but not solutions to the problems. At Week 11, each group shall present to the class what have they learned, learning outcomes achieved including those not achieved, problems faced and how they overcome them, and the group comments and suggestions for improvement. Classroom observation & one-to-one coaching A student has to conduct three 2-hour peer classroom observations together with the lecturer. The first observation shall commence after Week 4 of a new semester. During the lesson, both the student and the lecturer shall sit at the back of the classroom and they are not allowed to disturb the teaching. They will use the same feedback form and after the observation, in a one-to-one coaching session they will compare notes and the student will have to defend the decisions made.
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