Fable 2 Video Game Evaluation Essay

Fable 2 Video Game Evaluation Essay

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Table of Contents 2
1. Game Summary 4
1.1. Genre 4
1.2. Visual Style 4
1.3. High Concept 5
2. Gameplay 6
2.1. Features 6
2.2. Artificial Intelligence 6
2.3. Scope 7
3. Story, Setting, and Characters 9
3.1. Story 9
3.2. Environment 11
3.3. Characters 12
4. Game Related Details (Combat, Items, etc.) 15
4.1. Combat 15
4.2. Powerups 16
4.3. Items 17
4.4. Game Mechanics & Balance 17
4.5. Inner Mechanism 18
6. Controls 19
7. Interface 20
8. Assets 21
8.1. Models 21
8.2. Animations 21
8.3. Music 21
8.4. Sound Effects 21

1. Game Summary

Fable 2 is set 500 years after the first game in a colonial era where guns remain primitive and castles and cities have developed rather than towns. The protagonist, a young child in the beginning of the game, is part a heroic bloodline and is referred to as 'Sparrow'. Sparrow's sister is killed in the beginning, and Sparrow is almost as well, by a man named Lord Lucien. However, he/she survives and is taken in by a blind woman named Theresa. Jumping forward in time, she reveals that Sparrow must save the world from Lucien evil plans. Sparrow must find three other heroes in order to end Lucien's reign, furthering skills and relationships as he/she progresses and making choices that lead to the player being either good or evil.
There are several similar games to the Fable franchise, two of which include Overlord and Oblivion. Overlord's decision making option of being evil, or extremely evil ties in with Fable's good versus evil decisions. The outcome of the game is in the players hands completely.

1.1. Genre
Fable 2 is an action role-playing game with an open world. Similar games would include, as previously mentioned, Oblivion, as well as the other Elder Scrol...

... middle of paper ...

...nd run fairly smoothly. Some areas are a bit blocky, mainly with in the caves and around mountains, but mostly it is smooth.

8.3. Music
The music provides the separation between areas, and also warns of impending danger. The music works well with the scenes and changes appropriately.

8.4. Sound Effects
Every action has a sound effect. Eating, digging, finding coins, shooting, the detail to the sound effects are very noticeable and enhances gameplay immensely.

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