The Fab Four: The Beatles Essay

The Fab Four: The Beatles Essay

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The 60’s were a time of drugs, Vietnam, civil rights, and rock and roll, but most of all the sixties were known as the birth of one of the greatest bands to ever exist, the Beatles. In Liverpool, England four boys, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, formed an English rock band. The Beatles started their career by playing in simple clubs for around a three-year period. In 1961 they auditioned for Decca Records. Dick Rowe the man in charge of Decca, turned down the boys and passed up the biggest chance of a lifetime. The Beatles were told that the reason for being turned down was because guitar groups were on their way out. Despite not succeeding in their audition the Beatles worked hard and had a great passion for music. They later signed with EMI subsidiary Parlophone, who showed that Decca records was wrong and that guitar groups were definitely in. Peter Travers, a journalist who wrote for Rolling Stones Magazines, affirms, "During the week of April 4, 1964, the Beatles held the first five slots on the Billboard Singles chart; they went on to sell more than a billion records..." (1). they were a band that was unlike any other. Not only did they sing and write most of their own music, but they also played their own instruments, unlike many of the bands during that time. It wasn't just their music that drew people in, but it was their personality. The boys always seemed to be laughing and joking around with one another. They were a band that has inspired millions and still inspires to this day. The Beatles have affected the world in several major ways.

Not all effects the Beatles had on the world been good. In 1964 a man named Charles Manson heard the Beatles for the first time while serving in pri...

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... list. One year later the second Beatle, Harrison, died of lung cancer. McCartney and Starr pressed on and continued to tour and release a few solo albums. The Beatles began in 1961 and continue to this day to influences the world’s generations.

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