F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby Research Project Essay

F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby Research Project Essay

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F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” takes place in the 1920’s portraying the Jazz Age, Prohibition, Organized Crime, also showing several examples of women and their attitudes/role in society. All four of these topics are tied together in some way shape or form in reality, whether it be women going against prohibition by buying alcohol off gangsters and going to speak easies or Americans completely changing all their basic roles in society in general. Women wore their tops much lower, skirts a lot shorter, and their hair was bobbed. They attended speakeasies just like men. Gangsters such as Al Capone took on a fairly large role in society (Hales & Kazmers) when prohibition, the ban of alcohol or any alcoholic substance, was put into place making it harder to obtain. The jazz age was focused around all the music and people who performed in nightclubs and speakeasies and bootleggers were a common thing. (History Learning Site)
When most people think of the 1920’s the first thing that pops into their brain, often enough is not prohibition or crime rates. At Least, that isn't what I personally thought of. When I think of the 1920’s the first thing that comes to my mind is the music and all the famous parties and celebrities that slowly surfaced through the time. It is commonly known as The Jazz Age, The Golden Age, or maybe you would better know it as The Roaring Twenties. (History Learning Site). During this time new artist surfaced and changed the way society looked at music. Some of these artists were for example: Louis Armstrong, Joe “King” Oliver, Edward “Kid” Ory, Jelly Roll Morton, and Duke Ellington. (UMN.EDU)
Joe “King” Oliver and his band were the most famous in the 1920’s, he was from New Orleans originally and eve...

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