F. Scott Fitzgerald 's Collection Of Short Stories Essay

F. Scott Fitzgerald 's Collection Of Short Stories Essay

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In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s collection of short stories, the main characters along with the background characters, are overwhelmed with materialistic objects such as money, alcohol and drugs, and a superficial version of love. The main message that F. Scott Fitzgerald is trying to describe is that people are never happy with what they currently have, and that they will go to extreme measures to reach this euphoria of happiness. In May Day, we see many examples of characters searching for a true happiness, and when they can no longer strive for more, their life flashes before their eyes.
One event that shows this theme is in the first several paragraphs of May Day. In the beginning the first character that we are introduced to is Philip Dean. We are immediately brought into immense detail about the lavished life that Philip Dean lives, so we come to the understanding early on in the novel that the only reason why the main character, Gordon Sterett was looking for him, Philip’s wealth. Gordon eagerly arrives at the Biltmore Hotel, asking the room clerk if Philip checked in, and if he was able to communicate with him. As they were talking, Philip retreated to the bathroom but “his visitor’s dark eyes roved nervously around the room, resting on a great English traveling bag in the corner and on a family of thick silk shirts littered on the chairs amid impressive neckties and soft woolen socks” (Fitzgerald 27). As Gordon sat among Philip’s new wardrobe, he compared his own attire to the clothes scattered across the room, and he was disappointed to figure out that he was no longer the best dressed man. This is just one of the many events that occurred in Gordon’s life that makes him feel like wealth is the only way that he would be able ...

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...they want to reach their euphoria
“’Top floor’, said Mr. Out.
‘This is the top floor,’ said the elevator man.
‘Have another floor put on,’ said Mr. Out.
‘Higher,’ said Mr. In.
‘Heaven,’ said Mr. Out” (Fitzgerald 73-74).
In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story May Day, we are presented with many themes, but the overall theme is that people are not happy with what they have, and that they want to reach the euphoria of happiness. This message that F. Scott Fitzgerald is trying to reveal is shown through many characters in this story such as Gordon Sterett, Jewel Hudson, Edith Bradin, and Mr. In and Mr. Out. All of these characters are trying to find happiness in materialistic objects like money and alcohol. At the end of this story, all of the characters realize that the material objects that they have been so desperately searching for, are not what makes them happy.

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