The Eyes Of God By Carrie Chapman Catt Essay

The Eyes Of God By Carrie Chapman Catt Essay

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For hundreds of years, women were expected to submit to the will and control of men due to deeply rooted social and religious values. The Quakers, however, believe that both genders are seen as equal in the eyes of God, which is how Tacie Paul intended to raise her daughter. As a member of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, Mrs. Paul would sometimes bring Alice to the suffragist meetings.
On this particular morning, Carrie Chapman Catt was giving a speech out in the clearing.
“The veins of American women are not filled with milk and water. They are neither cowards, nor slackers. They will come…”
Yet as much as Alice admired these women, the seven year old sometimes struggled to pay attention to their words while snuggled in her mother’s coat.
“If I had a world of my own,” she thought, “everything would be nonsense, or it would at least appear to be to those who don’t understand that everyone deserves the same rights.”
As Alice thought about her Wonderland, she noticed something white hopping in the corner of her eye and realized that it was Wilson Rabbit, wearing glasses and a waistcoat. She scrambled to her feet, hoping to question him as to why he was in such a hurry, but he quickly disappeared into a little burrow. Peeking inside, Alice saw nothing but darkness; regardless, she stepped forward and found herself plunging down a very deep hole.
On her slow fall down the seemingly endless hole, Alice worried that she might fall through the center of the Earth and reach the people who walked upside down. Yet with a sigh of relief and a loud thump, she landed on a cold tile floor, only to see a tiny door slam shut behind Wilson Rabbit’s tail.
Much to her surprise, while she tried pulling on the doorknob, it began to s...

... middle of paper ...

...scored the winning point.
The side of yellow roses cheered uncontrollably. Alice had just the won them their rights, and now, all women, regardless of their nature, could enter the Nashville Castle’s gardens and be free.
Shocked at this outrageous youngster who had forever changed his kingdom, the King of Heart’s felt himself slipping into complete fury.
“Off with her head!” he roared violently.
At this, the whole pack of card soldiers rose up into the air and came flying down upon her. Alice screamed and tried to defend herself, but found herself lying in her mother’s lap, who gently brushed away some dead leaves from her face.
“Wake up, Alice!” said Mrs. Paul. “You’ve slept through the whole meeting.”
“Oh, but I’ve had such an unusual dream,” Alice replied and proceeded to tell her mother all about of her adventures towards achieving women’s rights in Wonderland.

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