Extremist Islamic Terrorism: Jemaah Islamiyah Essay

Extremist Islamic Terrorism: Jemaah Islamiyah Essay

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Executive Summary
This essay provides an analysis of the terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah from its foundation and grass roots development up until the splintering of the group in 2000. It also provides analysis of the motivations behind its founder and the future of JI and radical Islam.
The analysis is provided in seven parts that cover key areas including the inception of JI, the status and role of Ba’asyir, the ideological influence of Darul Islam, JI’s manifesto and operational charter, the splintering of JI and the future of Islamic extremists and the response from authorities.
The analysis shows that Islamic extremism is not only present but prevalent in Indonesia today. Hard line groups like JI and the recently identified Aceh cell actively plan to conduct mass-casualty attacks on civilians and senior political figures, including the use of suicide attacks, in the name of Islam.
Terrorists in Indonesia have carried out some of the bloodiest attacks of recent times. Their casualty scorecard is high and they are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians, targeted because they were infidels or Westerners.
In conclusion it is evident that Islamic extremists groups will continue to conduct acts of terror in pursuit of their goals and persistent attempts to enforce power over the populous under shariah law. The influence of Ba’asyir will continue to be a motivational and spiritual driver of radical organizations and individuals into the foreseeable future, regardless of incarceration, freedom or execution. Persistent efforts to counter religious extremism by Indonesian authorities and regional partners is not only imperative but essential.
The analysis conducted has limitations including the constantly ...

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