The Extraordinary Quiz Results Of My Personality Type Essay

The Extraordinary Quiz Results Of My Personality Type Essay

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I was pleasantly surprised, as well as intrigued, to discover the extraordinary quiz results of my personality type. Honestly, I was not sure what to expect, but to my amazement, the outcome I received had little to no inaccuracy. In fact, it was a relatively precise assessment of my personality, and how all of those attributes contribute to who I am. Overall, I find personality type’s to be particularly fascinating. Often, there are specific aspects that make up a personality, and these characteristics have multiple effects on people, including their perception. As far as my personality type is concerned, I believe it affects my perception by wanting my life to have meaning and always be purposeful. I also always want to see the best in people, allowing them to be their authentic, true selves. I believe people should feel safe to open themselves up, and feel the warmth of tenderness and love. It saddens me when people do not value integrity or care about having genuine relationships. My personality type simply confirmed many of the things I already believed to be true about myself.
Three things I greatly admire are compassion, encouragement, and sincere empathy. When I took the color quiz, I received the highest possible score for the color “blue.” As I read the description, it was almost as if I was reading different facets of myself, that someone plastered on a piece of paper to describe the transparent “Cara.” Along with many other elements of importance, I value empathy enormously. However, empathy should never be confused with sympathy. Empathy is much, much different from sympathy. Empathy fuels connection, while sympathy drives disconnection. It is perspective taking, staying out of judgment, and recognizin...

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...emind me of who I am in him. I keep all these memories with me to this day, and I walk with confidence, boldness and overflowing joy. I know the world has many terrible things occurring in it; I am not oblivious to this, but I have hope. My family and friends are always encouraging and challenging me to be the best young woman of God I can be. This is a deep desire of mine too, as well as a large part of why I am who I am, and why I find it important to continue life this way. As the quiz says about my color, I am continually encouraging others, seeking harmonious relationships, and enjoying the “little things” in life. All of these things, and more, helped shape my perception, how I see myself, and how I now communicate and interact with others. It is a challenging journey at times, but if someone were to ask me if I would change a thing, I would say absolutely not.

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