Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing Strategies for a Global Outsource Provider

Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing Strategies for a Global Outsource Provider

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Assignment Topic

You are required to perform strategic planning for your organisation or one you are familiar within your country or region and:

• Develop a vision statement, a mission statement and a statement of values, and explain their appropriateness.
• Undertake an internal analysis of the organisation and an analysis of its external environment, using appropriate strategic management tools.
• Craft strategies and explain their appropriateness.

You do not need to develop implementation processes. But you should mention the critical importance of implementation, execution and evaluation of the strategies you come up with for this assignment.


Your local lecturer will select one short-to-medium length case study (preferably set in your own country or region) from your textbook or otherwise obtain one for you. That is, the local lecturer will select the case (although you may like to recommend one to him); your lecturer will restrict the number of different cases used in the class to just one, to increase the reliability of the assignment marking process. In your case report, identify three or four management challenges that are covered in this subject, and address how those challenges can be met in the case using the principles developed in this subject. Be sure to cite and reference the name and source of your case in your assignment report, together with other references.

Word Count 2239 from intro to reference

Executive Summary

This strategic planning paper explores strategies at a time when the CSC company faces an ongoing SEC investigation, is aggressively divesting assets to repair the balance sheet, at the same time it is aggressively pursuing dominance in target markets thro...

... middle of paper ...

...y communicate, coordinate and collaborate in the most effective way to manage outcomes while ensuring we are accountable for the ethical results we are entrusted to accomplish.

This differs from the reaffirmed values CSC published, in that it, is not centred around a brilliant construct based on the “Clear” (CSC, May 15, 2013, p. 5) set of cosmetic values designed to combat the problems associated with the implications of an ongoing SEC investigation into irregular practices associated with financial disclosure (CSC, 2013, p. 76).

The approach returns to more traditional principles focusing on the client, restoring trust and pride within the client base while improving morale with employees by shifting to core values that have served CSC over the decades by “transferring core values and ethical standards into cultural norms” (Thompson A.A, 2012, p. 395).

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