Extracting Gas and Oil: Fracking Essay

Extracting Gas and Oil: Fracking Essay

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Fracking is the method of extraction gas and oil that are under the Earth’s surface. Although many scientists say it’s a less harmful technique for the environment, there are several facts that show us that there are dangers that not only threaten the stability of nature, but also our own health.

This method consists of introducing huge amounts of water, sand and dangerous chemicals into the earth in order to break the layer underground in order to pump out gas and oil. There are chemicals involved in this process, which causes contamination of the environment and the atmosphere.The hydraulic fracturing started several decades ago in the United States.The first enterprise that investigated this process was Stanolind Oil. Since then, more and more countries have allowed hundreds of enterprises take out the natural resources of the ground. In fact, it has extended to countries such as Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Algeria, South Africa, Russia, China and Australia. The reason why most of these countries have started fracking is that it allows them to stop depending on other countries that extract oil, and be more independent.

Particularly, Spain has joined them in this dangerous action, allowing more and more exploitations be done each year. It seems that the profitability of fracking has more supporters with time. Above all, politicians from the right such as PP, CiU or UPyD, have favoured it, while the leftist parties like PSOE or “Izquierda Plural” are against it. It is criticized that even in the most dangerous and problematic circumstances it is allowed to put in practice this method. This leads us to one question: Do politicians from the right care more about money than abou...

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