Extra Disciplinary Activities As A Writing Strategy Essays

Extra Disciplinary Activities As A Writing Strategy Essays

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Extra Disciplinary Activities as a Writing Strategy
James E. Porter, the author of the text, Intertextuality and the Discourse Community, says that intertextuality is “the principle that all writing and speech—indeed, all signs—arise from a single network: what Vygotsky called “the web of meaning” (Porter 396). The “single network” that connects all of these ideas actually has many smaller aspects that create the buildup of this concept. Intertextuality can be considered knowledge from previously read texts, personal experience, or the less obvious form, extra-disciplinary activities. In my opinion, extra-disciplinary activities can be a very important type of intertextuality that is looked over a majority of the time.
In a report written by Kevin Roozen, Tracing Trajectories of Practice: Repurposing in One Student’s Developing Disciplinary Writing Processes, he looks at the connections between one student’s use of an extra-disciplinary activity and how that activity is used as a tool throughout her life. Such as, in her prayer journals for church, studies of visual designs in graphic arts, and writing in English literature classes(Roozen 157). Roozen claims that “practiced employed in the invention and production of semiotic texts are not solely a product of a particular disciplinary setting, but rather from multiple engagements with texts(Roozen 160).” Meaning that, previously read texts with discourse similar to what the new text is about is not the only sources that are used. This report done by Roozen supports and extends Porter’s text of intertextuality and Prior’s writings about the writing process in his text, Tracing Processes: How Text Come into Being. Roozen, Porter, and Prior all have the same general idea of intert...

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.... But the obsession is as much, if not more, in getting a degree, not with a job in mind, just the degree, just because he thinks he can, despite all that has said he could not” (Villanueva 112). After achieving these good grades by copying structures set out by his professors, Villanueva was motivated to become better. Villanueva went beyond copying the given structure. He used writing strategies discussed in Prior and Porter’s texts. At this point in Villanueva’s life he becomes a professor and he believes that “what matters the most is what the reader finds” (Villanueva 116). Villanueva teaches intertextuality and a discourse community to be important while writing. Even though Rachels’ writing strategy of verse-copying took a different angle into writing strategies, both writers eventually found their way to success through personal experiences and personal touch.

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