The Extinction Of The Earth Essay

The Extinction Of The Earth Essay

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The Earth is far and away the most biodiverse planet in our solar system, with about 8.7 million more unique species than the other 8 planets (UNEP). However, the Earth’s commanding lead is shrinking; not because the other planets are increasing biodiversity, but because Earth’s is decreasing. According to the World Wildlife Fund, we as a planet are losing 1,000 to 10,000 more species than the natural rate. Since the total number of species is hard to pin down, this can mean anywhere from 200 to 10,000 species going extinct per year (World Wildlife Fund). This obscenely high extinction rate is dangerous not just to ecosystems directly affected by the loss, but also creates a domino effect that circles around the globe and up and down the food chain. The current extinction event is driven primarily by the habitat destruction going on worldwide. As humanity clamors for more resources, more natural area is destroyed. If this trend is not reversed, there will be dire consequences not just for humanity, but the Earth as a whole.
Extinctions are perfectly natural occurrences. Long before human figured out fire or even existed, there were five mass extinctions which defined their era of time and heralded the start of the next era. The primary difference between those events and the current one is the amount of human involvement. Especially since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, humans have used up vast amounts of resources and shattered ecosystems across the globe. In the United States alone, timber production went from one billion board feet in 1840 to 46 billion board feet by 1904. Industry had overtaken agriculture as the primary reason for deforestation by 1880, and by 1920, two-thirds of American forests had been levele...

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...nd reverse the effects of habitat loss worldwide.
When natural areas disappear, the Earth does not merely lose a pretty piece of land. Numerous species are killed and the environmental damage causes multiple problems for the surrounding area. During the Industrial Revolution and in the early modern era, thus did not concern humanity. However, as the drastic effects of the habitat loss and degradation have become more pronounced, countries have begun to take notice. The vast overconsumption of resources has caused irreversible damage in some areas and those areas will never heal. But with increased action across the board, other natural areas may not have to suffer the same fate. By combating overconsumption recognizing the effects of habitat destruction, and taking steps to prevent habitat loss, humanity may go some way towards reversing the damage of our ancestors.

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