Essay about The Extinction of Fin Whale

Essay about The Extinction of Fin Whale

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Animals are a blessing of God. They are seen in different type, shapes and weights in their own category. In marine animals, there are mostly mammals which are found to be in large number. Fin whale is among those mammals that are found in marine life. This type of whale is found in all types of oceans and is a suborder to baleen whales. Fin whale is a very heavy whale. Its weight is estimated to be around 74-75 tones. The weight is not only the only characteristic but its length is also very interesting. A fin whale is said to be the second longest animal of the world in terms of its length as a fish. A fin whale is a beautiful creation of God. Its body is in brown-grey shades and seems very interesting with a feel of paler and softness in it. The softness of its body makes it more interesting. A fin whale swims in all types of water whether it is tropical or polar. It is usually cannot be found in the areas which are away from the ocean’s open water part. One can see lots of fin whales near the areas which have cool water. The diet of fin whale is small schooling fish and krill.
Fin whale is not a commonly seen whale. It is a rare species and said to be on the target of hunters according to a report of international whaling commission (IWC). Fin whale is hunted at a large number during last century. The specie is largely hunted by illegal ways which has resulted in its genocide to a great number. In 1906, it was reported to be 752000 fin whales in the region but now only 32,000 of them are really left! This is the result of unfair hunting and genocide of this rare whale type.
Conservation migratory species of wild animals (CMS) is an authority which over look all matters of conservation and maintenance of whales and other ...

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...animal rights and conservation. Whales’ commission is also among one of those associations that can provide help to resolve that issue. The need is to understand the seriousness of issue and make genocide and killing of whales by hunters stopped in every possible way.

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