Externalizing Problems Among Children And Adults Within The Classroom Essay

Externalizing Problems Among Children And Adults Within The Classroom Essay

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Externalizing Problems
The Externalizing Problems Composite measures behaviors, which are typically “under controlled” by the child and are often seen as disruptive to both peers and adults within the school or home environment. This composite was measured on the teacher rating forms, which included the Hyperactivity, Aggression, and Conduct Problems scales. Daniel’s hyperactivity, aggression and conduct behaviors varied across his academic settings. Mrs. Simpson reported that Daniel typical classroom behavior and self-control; however, her responses indicated that he “often” has trouble staying seated, acts without thinking and seeks attention. Mrs. Cohen and Mrs. Mechwart responses indicated atypical self-control in the classroom. In addition, Daniel had concerns with aggressive behavior (argues when denied his own way, loses temper too easily) in Mrs. Mechwart and Mrs. Cohen classes. Mrs. Simpson responses indicated that Daniel does not act aggressively in the math classroom. Daniel’s teachers indicated that he demonstrates rule breaking behavior (conduct problems) in his ICT classes. For example, the responses indicated that Daniel gets into trouble, breaks rules (e.g. leaving classroom without permission) and uses foul language. Overall, Daniel’s externalizing behaviors in school are within the At-Risk range.

Internalizing Problems
The Internalizing Problems Composite includes behaviors that may indicate depression, anxiety or difficulties that are not marked with an externalized behavior. This composite has scales measuring Anxiety, Depression, Atypicality, Locus of Control, Social Stress, Sense of Inadequacy and Somatization. Overall, Daniel’s composite scores were within the Average range. When examining the individual s...

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...understand and respond to questions within the context of his general knowledge, demonstrate sufficient vocabulary, perceive complex patterns and mentally simulate how they might look when transformed.
In addition, on social-emotional assessments, the responses on the BASC-3 suggest he does not display any internalizing problems in school. Daniel’s teacher rating suggests that Daniel displays significant externalizing behaviors and conduct problems in school
. However, concerns were noted at a higher rate than is typical for his age in the areas of hyperactivity, depression, social relation, and communication with peers. Daniel reported concerns with relationship is with parents and friends. These areas should be closely monitored. Overall, the cognitive and social emotional results suggest his current placement is appropriate and the least restrictive environment.

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