Essay about External Influences On Human Behavior

Essay about External Influences On Human Behavior

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Psychology is the study of the human brain and its functions which includes some internal and external influences. Throughout the PSYC 101 course, many concepts were discussed and had some sort of interest. Some of the most interesting concepts were the ones who left the most effect of the average human. Such as social norms, sleep disorders, and substance abuse. All three of these concepts affect the average humans’ behavior, personality or way of thinking.
There are many things that influence our behavior from external influences to social norms.  Social norms often have influences on human behavior. These norms are the standards of acceptable attitudes and behavior within a society. External influences also play a role within social norms. The role that external influences play determines human behavior, and how it relates to conformity and obedience in everyday lives. An example of a social norm is having direct eye contact with the person you are speaking with. When doing this its demonstrates listening and understanding. Every time I speak to a person or a person is speaking to me, direct eye contact symbolizes engagement in the conversation and interest. This shows how social norms can often show manners and engagement within society. Many people also believing in breaking the social norms, which means being different from the everyday people or everyday routine.

Sleep is something that every person needs because without sleep you cannot function normally. If a person experiences lack of sleep, it can cause mood changes, and personality changes. It is already known that the average person needs approximately a good eight hours of sleep. Despite that, many people including myself only get about five to six hours. The one or...

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...eryday thing. She smokes at least 3 packs of cigarettes a week. Since this started out as a stress reliever it has become a daily routine, and because of the amount of nicotine that is inhaled she now has lung cancer. Substance dependence can often get out of hand if people allow it to. Once the person becomes comfortable with the substance that person often becomes addicted to it.

Overall, each concept leaves an effect on the average human whether its behavior or personality wise. These three concepts are also the most relatable within everyday life. It is evident that social norms are related to societies outlook and what if often accepted. Sleep disorders can determine the likelihood of your mental awareness when it comes to sleeping. Lastly, substance dependence demonstrates how one can use drugs or alcohol as stress relievers without knowing the actual danger.

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