External Influences Of Healthcare Administration Essay example

External Influences Of Healthcare Administration Essay example

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1. Module two deals with external influences in healthcare administration and the conflicts that may cause lack of growth in the organization. External influences can range from society, stakeholders, staff, and patients. Health administrators should be in agreement with staff and physicians to maintain proper ethics and safety for everyone. Society has a big influence of healthcare organizations with spending their money towards health insurance, medication, treatment services and exams. As long the healthcare organization has a well reputation built on trust, then consumers will spend on that healthcare organization. The stakeholders that take part in external influences on ethics are the vendors, technology specialists, maintenance, insurance providers, partnerships around the world, and senior management. They all help influence how, what, when, and why of certain products, services, insurance, and decisions are being made for the organization. These types of external influences keep the healthcare organization afloat and maintained for patient care. The staff such as assistants, nurses, physicians, specialists, clinicians, and managers, states their opinions for improvement and make proper judgement for patient care. Lastly, patients are a prime influence and critic of healthcare of negative aspects or positive aspects of doctor care and treatment. Conflicts of staff shortages, incorrect coding/ billing, incompetent staff, and lack of knowledge of ethics are always an issue to improve. As long ethical procedures are in effect at all times with OSHA, ACA, HIPAA, JCAHO, etc., then the healthcare facility is in good order. The Affordable Care Act is a law for all staff and managers to stay informed and know how the changes apply...

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...ware updates to SoftDent, clinical notes changes with more features and icons, Itero scanning device for scanning crowns, invisalign, night guards, and vivera retainers, and insurance update to billing and coding. When I used to work in a pharmacy for pharmacy technician, the changes to insurance, prescription refills, and ensuring right medication in the system for the patient has changed. I’m seeing more and more changes to these software’s and technology. I’ve been informed from the technological perspective and by my coworkers of stricter HIPAA rules from these updated software’s. There have been quite a few dilemmas with the speed of the new or updated software, and the lack of knowledge or fast-training with the new changes to billing or clinical notes. Now I know what to expect for new technology for clinical and information in as a future healthcare manager.

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