Essay about External Factors That Affect International Students

Essay about External Factors That Affect International Students

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For our research project, our group found a strong interest in cultural immersion, more specifically the impact it has on an individual. In turn the focus of this study gravitated towards understanding the impact that college and moving to a new country had on international students. Attending to school thousand miles away from their home. Not only graduating into a next part of their life, college. But also finding themselves submerged into a completely unfamiliar environment, exposed to a unique and unknown set of rules, and customs. As well as how students deal or cope with this experience, which will determine whether their perspective on college life are viewed in a positive or negative light. There are numerous other external factors that can affect international students in both their academic and social lives. Therefore, it is not only informative, but also important to have a fuller understanding of the day to day acculturative process that international students have to go through in order to assimilate with local students while also maintaining academic, and economic success.
Anthropological problem
Our anthropological problem that we researched was that we noticed there was a difference in adjustment to college compared to international students and students from the United States. We wanted to discover what this specific difference was and what changes they experiences since coming to college and the United States. No doubt, we knew might have been exceptionally difficult and we wanted to understand their thoughts on the transition, not just our own conclusions and opinions.

To perform our research, we used questionnaires. Our questionnaires consisted of ten questions that we asked international students...

... middle of paper ...

...wing eight people did give us insight about international students transitioning, although it would be unrealistic to imagine that they represent that entire body of international students at USF. The second way we could have improved our data is to require students to answer the questions we asked comprehensively . The majority of the answers we received were overly simplified, and lacking details. However, the international students only gave as much information as they wanted and we cannot force them to provide more information than what they want to share.
Overall, we believe this was a helpful learning experience and gave us a strong foundation of knowledge on the world of anthropology. None of our majors are anthropology, our eyes have been opened, and now understand the gravity that this subject holds.. Anthropology has its workings in almost every field.

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