Essay on The Extermination of Jews Living in Germany

Essay on The Extermination of Jews Living in Germany

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The Holocaust was an organized event to persecute and murder millions Jews by the Nazi regime and its associates. The term Holocaust derives from a Greek word meaning sacrifice by fire. The immediate cause for the event was that the Nazis, who came to power in Germany in 1933, announced that they were racially superior above all races and that the Jews were inferior, and were a threat to the German society.
In 1925, there was an individual whose strengths helped determine the outcome of Germany’s future that lead to the Holocaust. Adolf Hitler, who was sent to prison for attempting to overthrow the government, wrote an autobiography called ‘Mein Kempf’ outlining his political ideology and future plans for Germany. As more people began to read his autobiography, Hitler understood that his dreams were not far from becoming a reality.
In 1933, there had been a background of agitation for the principles being victorious during this event. When Hitler spoke about how he would bring change to the Treaty of Versailles, more Germans began to support him and his party. By the end of the ...

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