Essay on The Extent Of Human Behavior

Essay on The Extent Of Human Behavior

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The Extent of Human Behavior
Throughout the years, philosophers have been arguing their side to whether people are overall good or evil. Two well known philosophers, John Locke and Thomas Hobbes, have different perspectives on the natural state of human beings. Locke had a more optimistic view of human nature, believing that humans are born good; whereas, Hobbes believed that humans are inherently evil. In addition, many have argued over the factors that determine one’s behavior. One of the most known philosophical debates of all time has been the nature versus nurture debate, in which some believe that characteristics are innate and hereditary. Meanwhile, others believe in the idea of “nurture”, in which one’s surrounding environment has a greater influence on their behavior. Another theory that suggests why humans behave the way they do is the “mob mentality”. This idea expresses how individuals can be influenced by others within a group, therefore losing their sense of morality and conforming to the practices of others. These psychological beliefs express the opposing sides of the argument whether humans are good or evil. Despite these notions, humanity is born good, however due to society, the surrounding environment, and psychological beliefs, humans are influenced to become evil .
Humans are influenced to behave unethically due to the compulsions of society. William Golding expresses the effects of society when he writes, “‘You got to join the tribe’” (Golding 153). Golding attempts to make his point about the boys on the island in, The Lord of the Flies. Jack and Roger embodied the authority figures and assertively compelled Samneric to join their tribe. Filled with terror, the twins were forced to comply w...

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...ity of humans, it can be determined that people’s self-image affects the way they behave: by having a high self-esteem, individuals are more likely to act aggressively towards others that are inferior to them. The psychological factors of self-confidence and power proves that humans are cruel and violent.
Societal pressures, surroundings, and psychological factors can alter human behavior, causing individuals to evolve into immoral human beings. However, many do not see eye to eye with this notion and claim that these factors actually contribute to the general goodness within humans. Based on the video “Born Good? Babies help unlock the origins of morality”, it was shown that babies prefer those who demonstrate moral behavior. Despite this outcome, the babies chose to punish the characters showing naughty behavior. The babies were indirectly influenced to act

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