Extent Inquisition Impacted Witchcraft Trials in Central Europe from 1199 to 1580

Extent Inquisition Impacted Witchcraft Trials in Central Europe from 1199 to 1580

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Section A- Plan of Investigation

Thesis: To what extent did the Inquisition impact witchcraft trials in the region of Central Europe from 1199 to 1580?

This investigations seeks to evaluate the Inquisition in full but not limited to the effect on heresy, heretics, witches, and witchcraft. The sources used for this research investigation are the three written sources with secondary and primary material, which are listed as follows, Witchcraft by Robert Hart, Witches and Witchcraft Jeremy Kingston, and Witchcraft in Europe 400-1700 by Alan Charles Kors and Edward Peters. These books will be analyzed and evaluated based on origin, purpose, value, and limitation.

Section B- Summary of Evidence

The Inquisition founded in 1199 is a tribunal from the Christian faith of the Holy office to expose and punish religious unorthodoxy. ?From that time until its decline in the late 1600?s and the early 1700?s, the number of executions for witchcraft reached an appalling total of 100,000? (Hart, pg. 63). These executions from France, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia and other parts of Europe have a record number of considerable injustice, prejudice and cruelty. The Inquisition and the witch trials were all part of a time when the panic from the Holy Church was committing a harsh extreme to the cleansings of anything unorthodox. Educated people like lawyers, doctors, bishops, and scholars all participated in witch hunt. ?Some Historians have shown that the movement as a whole was a revival of the pagan superstition and cult whose origin lay in the ancient world, which cause a rebirth of learning? (Hart, pg. 65). The witch paranoia was an old chapter in history reborn during the 12 century causing the Great Witch Panic. The Christian churc...

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...did the Christian Holy Church of Europe. From time eternal it seems the Christian church has always been behind some sort of evil and murder for its sake. The twentieth century had seen racist and prejudices and the repression of racial minorities, the sick and handicapped. Man has a constant battle with himself between good and evil. Human nature is never as rational or compassionate as people want to believe. Instead of being guided by common respect and tolerance of those who are different, we seek to change what might threaten or challenge us.

Section F- Bibliography

3 Written sources,

Hart, Roger. Witchcraft. London: Wayland Ltd., 1972.

Kingston, Jeremy. Witches and Witchcraft. London: Aldus Books Limited, 1976.

Kors, Alan and Peters, Edward. Witchcraft in Europe 400-1700. Philadelphia: University of Philadelphia Press, 2001.

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