Essay on Extensive History of African Americans

Essay on Extensive History of African Americans

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African Americans have an extensive history in the United States. They have had to overcome many obstacles including slavery and discrimination. Even today, there is still inequality among African Americans and the majority culture. African Americans have an unique cultural history and practices, some of which are still being practiced to this day. This section will discuss the communication, family roles and organization, and types of health care practicioners of African Americans. Healthcare professionals need to keep each patient and their families in mind as they provide care, but be careful not to stereotype, as every family is different and has differing cultural and personal values.

Communication Methods:
African Americans speak English in America, and some use a slang form of English called "Ebonics" or "Black speech". This slang not only includes the way words are pronounced, but also how they are used as descriptive language. Some words are pronounced in a different way, such as "baf" for bath or are shortened, such as "gon" for going to. Double negatives are also used, and words are created for descriptive measures. "Ain't nobody got time for dat" or "Jon trippin" are also examples of speech used.

African Americans have a very open and interpersonal way of speaking. They are outgoing, loud, and are not afraid of expressing their opinions. They also tend to be very animated with their body movements and conversations. They do not have the "bubble" of personal space that others may, so very close interpersonal communication is common. They openly express themsevles, however personal family information is kept private from outsiders.

Family Roles differ from each family, but African Americans typic...

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There are root doctors that specialize in herbs and conjuring. They are believed to be able to have magical powers to ward off evil and help in love affairs, karma, and death. Faith healers are even higher on the totem pole, for they are believed to have the gift of healing from God. They are believed to be able to lay their hands on a person and heal them. Sometimes just prayer and incantations are used to treat illnesses. In contrast to our traditional doctors, these healers do not diagnose based on assessment and biomedical sciences and technology. Instead, these healers must have their patient's trust that they have understood their condition and are using the spiritual forces in a correct manner to treat the illness. Instead of prescription medications, these healers suggest traditional medicinces such as herbs or physical exercise to treat illnesses.

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