Essay about The Extended Care And Maintenance ( Ecm ) Program

Essay about The Extended Care And Maintenance ( Ecm ) Program

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education so she could be eligible for the Extended Care and Maintenance (ECM) program, which would support her through the age of 25. At age 18, Amy got pregnant, and when she informed her boyfriend, they got into a big fight, and she was kicked out of the home. Amy’s foster parent decided to take her back into her home and decided to support Amy in raising her child while she received counseling support, worked, and pursued post-secondary education. Amy’s foster parent and CAS worker made attempts to re-engage Amy’s family members, and it was successful, as they were eager to meet the newest member of the family. Amy made positive strides in her life, and she felt empowered to better her life, especially for her newborn son. Amy continued to feel peer pressure from her friends to hang out and have a little drink here and there, but with the support of her CYW worker and counselors, she was determined to be resilient and change her life for the better, and she remembered how drugs and alcohol made her parents abandon her, and she did not want to abandon her newborn son. With the support of her CAS worker, Amy connected with her paternal grandmother in Newfoundland, and she encouraged her to move there, as they have a big family business, and she would escape possibly relapsing to the negative environments with her friends. Amy was hesitant and decided to take time to make her decision. When Amy turned 24, she received a college diploma in business management and attributed her success to the multiple services she received through the Society’s ECM 25 program. Amy decided to move to Newfoundland before turning age 25 to live in Newfoundland with her paternal grandma and paternal family members, who had no history of alcohol and dr...

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...e they are concerned about securing housing, finding a job, and worrying about where their next meal will come from. From the Provincial Advocate (2012), “During the time when most Canadian youths have the opportunity to focus on their studies, youths aging out of care are often establishing new households, paying bills, managing household budgets, and trying to ensure their basic financial security” (p. 17). The intersecting issues among youth aging out of care make it very difficult for them to solely focus on their grades and not worry about other matters in comparison to their peers. The Provincial Advocate also stated, “Nationally, only 30% of Canadian youth in care complete high school. In Ontario, only 44% of youth in care are expected to graduate from high school, compared to the 81% high school graduation rate for all Ontario students” (p. 17). It is evident

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