Essay on Exposing the Apple Sweatshops

Essay on Exposing the Apple Sweatshops

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In this time and age, as the evolution of industries occurred there are over 125 million companies in the world (Quora). All these companies have one major goal in common, sell as many products as possible and make money. Some of these companies try their best to make their image attracting, ethical, environmentally friendly, etc. All companies have dark hidden secrets that if one were to blow the companies’ cover, it could lead to consumers boycotting their products, trash-talking the company and it could even lead to the shut down of a company. There will never be that one company that is perfect. All companies have secrets; there will always be pros and cons. Apple for example is one of those companies and it’s definitely a favorite. It’s the company that people love the most but it does have some dark secrets. Is Apple a company that would be worth investing in? I would not invest in Apple and here is why.
It seems like 95% of the people I know all have iPhones because it’s considered, “one of the best smartphones out there.” Everyone updates to an iPhone, even elders who don’t even know how to use a flip phone will get an iPhone. Apple’s products are not cheap, but people still buy and love them. Apple created the iPod, which is an mp3 player that allowed people to buy and download songs off of ITunes. Downloading music was finally easy and legal! Apple created products that were, “lightweight and easy to use” (Hawthorne 75). Apple’s products can be used for people of all ages. Apple is constantly updated with technology, since everyday technology is becoming an important aspect of our everyday lives.
What would it be like to work for Apple? “It was a calling or a fascination or a passion. It became a way of life,” Kristina ...

... middle of paper ...

...o can work.
I would never want to invest in a company that treats their workers like slaves. We are in the 21st century, not the 1800’s. Apple does not understand that these people working in the factories are trying to make a living, trying to support their family and trying to make ends meet. How can these people be even a little satisfied with their money when it is so little? When the long workday is over they are beyond exhausted between the physical and mental abuse.
It is quite amazing how even though consumers know the evils of Apple, they still continue to buy products from there. It is because it is “cool” to have an iPhone, it makes one fit in and it can be flashy at times since the phone is expensive. Apple is just going to keep everything “hush-hush”, treat over sea workers horribly and not fess up to their mistakes for the reason of their well-being.

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